A gal, a list, a mission

So I started this crazy adventure of caffeine-tourism when I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in January of 2016. Not knowing my way around the diverse neighborhoods of the Burgh, and always down for a good cup of coffee I looked up the best coffee places in town. I stumbled across a list of the “Best Coffee in the Burgh” and made it my quest to visit all 14 shops on the list. When this was accomplished (with the small hiccup of one of them being closed), I found myself quite sad at the end of my journey.

Luckily, though the list ended, the coffee shops had not.

I picked back up my coffee-explorer’s torch and decided to try Every coffee establishment in the greater Pittsburgh area (and any others I pass in my journey).

This journey has helped me to meet so many amazing people and find so many beautiful and unique locations in this city and I felt it merited a blog.

So, with 30 coffee shops under my belt, here it is.

And here’s to many more adventures in caffeine. 14604871_10100683578235857_42240765264556932_n


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